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CALL IT A DAY (Durational Version) by Greg Wohead

Call It a Day originates from a real encounter between two couples who spent an afternoon together one snowy day in rural Illinois. In 2009, Greg Wohead and his partner found themselves at the kitchen table of an Amish couple and attempted to share a conversation across divergent perspectives: One liberal, one conservative. One progressive, one traditional. One faithless, one faithful.

This day-long durational performance featuring Jessica Hanna, Mireya Lucio, Jesse Saler and Wohead, repeats that day’s remembered conversation on a continuous morphing loop. From a single recollection emerges an almost musical series of repetitions, transformations and ruptures. Wohead uses a mixture of improvised and prepared material—as well as meditations on Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time, and out-of-context scenes from the Peter Weir’s 1985 film Witness—to create a kaleidoscopic examination of the possibility, and impossibility, of understanding one another.

Live sound and music by Ben Babbitt.


For Live Arts Exchange/LAX Festival at Think Tank Gallery

October 14, 2018

From sunrise at 6.57am to sunset at 6.19pm

For Tickets (you can come and go as you please, stay for as much or as little as you like) and for the full LAX Festival Schedule (Oct 11 - 21) Go to Los Angeles Performance Practice