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Theater Maker.

Yes Queen.


Art is a reflection of humanity that leads to illumination for the audience.

This is what I strive for in my Art making. Creating space for revelation that causes empathy that leads to conversation that makes change.








THE SLIPPERY SLIMEY SECRET by Anne Brashier - a Reading



at Company of Angels

Monday, October 22 at 8pm

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We define Queen for this festival as a female-identifying or non-binary performer. Curators Jessica Hanna, Ammy Ontiveros and Kristina Wong looked at over 25 submissions. Building on last year’s festival (which included Kristina Wong's THE WONG STREET JOURNAL, Elizabeth Liang's ALIEN CITIZEN: AN EARTH ODYSSEY and Valerie Hager's NAKED IN ALASKA), this year’s festival is growing to shine light on even more Queens and their stories with three main stage shows and four Wild Card nights: one night-only performances throughout the festival’s four weeks  expanding the cadre of Queens to nine.

This year’s main stage shows include Amy Raasch’s THE ANIMAL MONOLOGUES, Bri Pruett’s STELLAR and Shaina Lynn’s BAYOU BLUES.  In addition, each of these Queens will teach a one-day workshop on their solo creation technique. Workshops are open to the public and there is no experience required.

Featured creator/performers on the Wild Card nights: Ai Yoshihara, Lynda La Rose, Sarah Rose Reynolds, Lizzie Prestel, Valerie McCann and Jennifer Jonassen.

FREE CHILDCARE will be offered on our final marathon Sunday, Nov. 18, because #therevolutionwillnothappenwithoutchildcare

Why produce a festival of Queens? A Queen knows the world is not always a joy-filled place, and it is our job to illuminate the darkness to lead the way. A Queen knows that the light we shine will allow many to see themselves in all their beautiful and horrifying humanity. When Queens come together, the world is transformed. That is why we produce this festival.

CURATOR & Producer

at Bootleg Theater

October 25 - November 18, 2018

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Larissa FastHorse’s THE THANKSGIVING PLAY - A Reading

playing Logan. Directed by Diana Wyenn at Grand Performances in DTLA



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  • And I again recommend this podcast, I want everyone to listen to it, so I'm gonna keep posting and linking it. SEEING WHITE is a 14 part documentary series exploring whiteness in America - where it came from, what it means and how it works. Please take a listen when you can and pass it on when you're done. It's essential for Americans, particularly white Americans.