Director's Note - PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT at Celebration Theater

This was the Director’s Note in the program. I think this is true for life, not just Priscilla! #yesqueen

Being a Queen is not an easy task. We must find a way to lift our crown every day no matter how we feel or what is happening in the world around us. A Queen knows the world is not always a joy filled place and it is our job to illuminate the darkness to lead the way. A Queen knows that the light we shine will allow many to see themselves in all their beautiful and horrifying humanity. When Queens come together the world is transformed by their power. 24 years ago a story was told about transformation and acceptance. It opened eyes and hearts in ways that we are still feeling today. We would not be where we are today in our collective conversation about gender and inclusiveness were it not for the Queens of the Desert. I want to thank the Queens that came before, the Queens who continue the fight for acceptance and equality now and the Queens that will come and illuminate the path to a beautiful future. So put your crown on, Queen. Shine your light. We got work to do.

Jessica Hanna